was established November 7, 2002
to advocate against veterinary malpractice, incompetence & negligence and
to educate the public about how state veterinary boards handle citizens' complaints


July 1, 2015 — June 30, 2016
Annual Reports of the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board
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Annual Report / July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016 per NCGS § 93B-2(a)(1) - (a)(11)

August 22, 2016

(1) The address of the Board and the names of its members and officers:
The address of the Board was 1611 Jones Franklin Road, Suite 106, Raleigh, NC 27606; the mailing address was the same.

The members, with officer designations, were Kim D. Geminhardt, D.V.M., President; William Kent Dean, D.V.M., Vice-President; Dwight E. Cochran, Secretary-Treasurer; Jane A. Barber, D.V.M., Susan K. Bull, D.V.M., Ms. Robin A. Lazaro, R.V.T., R. Douglas Meckes, D.V.M., and Mrs. Katie Morgan.

(1a) The total number of licensees supervised by the board.
        A. Veterinarians : 4592
        B. Technicians : 1407

(2) The number of persons who applied to the Board for examination:
        A. Veterinarians - North Carolina State Examination: 342
        B. Veterinary Technicians - North Carolina State Examination: 155

(3) The number who were refused examination:
        A. Veterinarians: 13
        B. Veterinary Technicians: 9

(4) The number who took the examination:
        A. Veterinarians: 312
        B. Veterinary Technicians: 139       

(5) The number to whom initial licenses were issued:
        A. Veterinarians: 300
        B. Veterinary Technicians: 123

(5a) The number who failed the examination:
        A. Veterinarians: 0
        B. Veterinary Technicians: 1

(6) The number who applied for license by reciprocity or comity:
        A. Veterinarians: 0
        B. Veterinary Technicians: 0

(7) The number who were granted licenses by reciprocity or comity:
        A. Veterinarians: 0
        B. Veterinary Technicians: 0

(7a) The number of official complaints involving licensed and unlicensed activities:
        A. Veterinarians: 51
        B. Veterinary Technicians: 0
        C. Unlicensed Activities: 30

(7b) The number of disciplinary actions taken against licensees, or other actions taken against nonlicensees, including injunctive relief:
        A. Veterinarians: 10
        B. Veterinary Technicians: 0
        C. Unlicensed Activities: 16 (Criminal cases)

(8) The number of licenses suspended or revoked:
        A. Veterinarians: 171
        B. Veterinary Technicians: 69

(9) The number of licenses terminated for any reasonother than failure to pay the required fee:
        A. Veterinarians: 0
        B. Veterinary Technicians: 0

(10) The substance of any anticipated request by the Board to the General Assembly to amend statutes:

Amend G.S. § 90-187.8(c) to provide the Board with an additional grounds for disciplinary action

(11) The substance of any anticipated change in rules or anticipated adoption of new rules:

21 NCAC 66.0106 Current Information Required by the Board
Clarify documentation needed to change a licensees name

21 NCAC 66.0108 Fees
Increase the annual veterinary renewal fee from $150 to $170

21 NCAC 66.0206 Minimum Standards for Continuing Education
Allow the approval of the RACE program of the AAVSB to be used for continuing education, all 5 hours of non-interactive computer based continuing education

21 NCAC 66.0311 Limited Veterinary License
Provide for a limited veterinary license for veterinarians employed by the NCDA&CS Diagnostic Laboratory


From the Annual Financial Report per NCGS § 93B-2(b)

Financial Statements for the
Years Ended June 30, 2016 and 2015 and
Independent Auditor's Report

Shelton L. Hawley, C.P.A., P.A.
Certified Public Accounting Firm
October 19, 2016

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